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Injury Prevention for Dancers Workshop

Gain the knowledge and build the strength for a long and healthy career.

Julia Jurgilewicz is a professional dancer and actor who has spent the last decade performing in New York City. She has graced the stage at the Metropolitan Opera in Lincoln Center, performed nationally and abroad with multiple renowned contemporary companies, and spent three years strolling the halls of the Kingsland Ward in the long running immersive theater work, Then She Fell, by Third Rail Projects.  In addition to her performance career, Julia is a personal trainer who focuses on injury prevention and rehabilitation. From dealing with her own dance related injuries, to helping others recover from theirs, Julia’s passion lies in helping younger generations learn the tools to have longer, fuller, healthier careers as professional movers. 

Julia’s workshop focuses on common injuries that professional dancers face throughout their careers, address why these injuries occur, and how to prevent them. The workshop culminates in a short warm up you can do before dance class to make sure the dancers' muscles are activated and ready to support movement.  At the end, Julia will answer any specific questions you might have about injuries or recovery.  Let’s have the longest, healthiest careers we can!

What you need: 

  • yoga mat or towel to lie on

  • chair or ottoman to sit on where your feet touch the ground

  • a small ball, yoga block, or pillow to squeeze between your ankles

Injury Prevention for Dancers Workshop: Services
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